Take this firststep towardsfinding your true, beautiful self.

In a world where the ground is constantly shifting it’s hard to stand firm.
We get better at wearing masks, hiding behind ‘socially acceptable’ personas.
But by neglecting our authentic self, we perpetuate that problem and too often lose ourselves.

As a certified trauma-informed recovery coach, I’ll teach you how to reap the benefits of autonomous empowerment. Tuning into your inner voice, we’ll use goals, actions and aims to propel you through a gentle, curious, empowering and sometimes difficult journey to bring out the best version of you. Not the ‘perfect’ version but the REAL you, capable of fulfilling your personal and professional potential.

Perfectlyis NOThow youdo this.

Your programwill be curated tosupport you, step by step, in yourpath to recovery

Holding acute awareness that the pressures of 2020 have been unexpected, intense and detrimental to many people’s mental health and addiction, Rose focuses on helping you overcome these trialling times, continuing the push on creativity and healthy relationships with ones-self, with a poignant reminder to people that:

“Being strong doesn’t look like holding your sh*t together so tight that you have to numb it out. Being strong looks like asking for help then letting the help in, that is the reality of true strength and courage“.

A journey with lavieenrose isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ however….here’s an example of what a program might look like:

  • 75-minute session to get know you
  • Daily email support in between sessions
  • Individualised plan (+ relapse prevention )
  • Weekly 1hr calls with free materials and resources
  • Weekly goal setting and accountability
  • Weekly deep dive on your creative / play world
  • Weekly development of resilience, inner trust and feeling steadier on your feet
  • Weekly help in establishing local resources for connection and wellbeing

Each individual program is curated to provide accountability which works for the individual.

Let the ferociousself-love rebellion continue!

A certified trauma-informed recovery coach with a creative, magnetic personality, and with almost a decade of personal sobriety, Rose Romain is perfectly positioned to help those looking for new direction.

After 20 years working in entertainment, Rose’s inclination to reach out and help led to a seismic shift. Retraining as a recovery coach, Rose refocused her energy and empathy to empower others. Working in trauma, burnout, alcohol and substance misuse, intimacy issues, debt, under-earning, depression and anxiety, drawing on her own life experience, Rose now helps clients become their “own best friend”, guiding them safely through the complex arenas of mental health and substance misuse with integrity and passion.

A member of MITC, Rose is also the proud co-host of the ‘Sober Sex’ podcast with DJ Louisahhh!

Rose was recently featured in BEATPORT and SHESAIDSO